The Iranian Folk Music

Music of different Iranian ethnic groups is a type of non-classical music which is very varied and widespread such as ethnical music of Kurds, Turks, Lurs, Arabs, Turkmens, Baluch, Talysh, Fars, and etc., each located in a specific geographical area of Iran.
This type of music has different functions among Iranian ethnic groups and it typically accompanies religious, social, and familial ceremonies. Iranian folk music is normally based on singing in diverse dialects of each ethnic group which has passed in its specific form from generation to generation and evolved over time along with the musical instruments.
In these regions, all people, amateurs, professional musicians and ordinary people, entertain in ceremonies, family gatherings and other occasions by singing ballads, romantic songs, historical and epic poems.
Professional musicians in Iranian folk music have different names but mutual characteristics; they all sing, play musical instruments, write poems, and compose music, like Ashiqs in Turkish music, Pahlavan in Baluchi music and Bakhshis in Turkmen.