One minute of silence for the loss of Iranian lullaby personality/ beginning of the Iran’s Regional Music Festival with the Qashqai instrument

The Iran’s 14th Regional Music Festival started while Parvin Bahmani (Iranian lullaby well known personality) passed away minutes before the opening ceremony and affected the atmosphere of the festival. However according to the press office of The Iran’s 14th Regional Music Festival, the garden of the Vaziri Museum in Kerman hosted a group of artists and music lovers on the evening of October 20, which was spent with ethnic instruments and songs.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mohammad Reza Alizadeh (Art and Culture Director General of Kerman’s ministry office) read the message of minister for this festival and Mohammad Ali Marati (Festival Secretary) notified audiences that: Unfortunately, we lost a few minutes before the Iranian lullaby lady (Parvin Bahmani).In the fourteenth festival, we were honored to have Damoun Sheshbolouki (Qashqai music researcher), the son of Parvin Bahmani, in the festival selection committee and in juries. Parvin’s soul watches our performance. The audience was then asked to observe a minute of silence in honor of the artist’s soul.

Referring to the theme of the festival “Unity in the musical plurality of Iranian ethnic groups”, he continued: This year’s festival begins with the performance of Qashqai horns and tambourines and the performance of Master Karimnejad, who will begin their mourning songs with a tribute to the soul of Parvin Bahmani.

The groups then performed as follows:
– From Turkmen Sahara, prominent Dotar musicians under the direction of Ebrahim Jorjani
– Teimour Mehrabi and Houshang Amiran with vocal performance of Hooreh
– From the southern region of the country, musicians from Ganj Castle with Baluch music
– Shahram Mirzaei Group
– Donali by Lagharjat
– Mohammad Shekarchi with Lori fiddle performance
– Gholam Hossein Vafaei and his group also performed a piece in the presence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Then, Mohammad Ali Merati came on stage and spoke about the position of women in the music festival of the regions of Iran and added: This position could certainly have been higher, but we used the existing capacities in this festival. Then he invited Zohreh Valinejad, son of Suleiman Valinejad, to play Dotar. Finally, the first night of the festival ended with Saleh Ahmadpour from Kish Island performance.