The rainbow of Iranian music shone in Kerman / Tribute to Ghasem Soleimani

The second night of the Regional Music Festival of Iran was held in honor of Ghasem Soleimani and 10 stage performances in the garden of the Vaziri Museum. Shaban Shabanzadeh lit the lights of the second night and then the performances were as follows:

– Hassan Yousefkhani Ensemble, Kurdish music
– Yasin Sharafaei Group
– Farhad Naderi and Osman Zahedi, Kurdish and Siachmaneh performance
– Performing music in Herat area
– Gholamsakhi Rasouli
– From Khuzestan “Nissan” group
– Mohammad Azadi with the group
– Vahid Miri performed pieces of music from the center and east of Mazandaran

Karim Bayani Manesh from Kerman also performed pieces with his group, and finally the second night of the festival ended with the songs played byEhsan Abdipour from Lorestan.