When Instagram blocked the page of the Regional Music Festival of Iran / A report from the third night of Iranian ethnicity

The third night of the Iranian music festival was held with a unique performance of Iranian ethnic groups and regions and a margin.

Since the second day of the event was accompanied by the renewal of the musicians’ pact with Qassem Soleimani on his grave, and the meeting was covered on the festival’s Instagram page, Instagram suspended the post and, in addition to mentioning last night’s live performance, also blocked the event.

Third night performances were: Music of Arabic-speaking Iranians, Jiroft, Houshang Kurdistani and his group from south, Bakhshi Heshmat Rahnama (in three languages Kurdish, Turkish and Persian) joy and mourning, music of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari seminary, Ahvaz, Khan Mohammad Adinehpour and Naeb Ali Sahra Roshan also performed pieces of music and danced from North Khorasan, Maryam Ismailzadeh also played the dotar, Khodadad Shekl Zehi and Siddiq Zardkoohi performed pieces of Baluchi music.

The last performance was dedicated to the Ashigh Hassan Eskandari and the music of Qarabagh constituency.